Wedding Cake

Hello, dear Amigurumi- friends!

I guess wedding day is the most beautiful day in a woman's life and one of our friends got married last year. I wanted to make something special and I didn't want to give some money in an envelope. So I decided to make a wedding cake (with some money XD). It was very hard to make it because there wasn't much time left and I had to hurry. But I'm so happy with it. I wanted to keep it...I really love that cake. It's out of the book 

"Yummi 'Gurumi: Over 60 Gourmet Crochet Treats to Make"

by Christen Haden and Mariarosa Sala. A great book!

I love making food out of yarn. I just wanted to make many many more and I guess I will make such a cake for me, too. :D

So, have a nice weekend and enjoy the sun.

Yours, Kero


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