Tiny Dragon and more projects

Hello, dear Amigurumi friends!

Now I have much more time and I use this time to make more Amigurumi and crochet stuff. But I have more ideas than time to realize them.  ╭(°ロ°”)╯

So at first I started to make a tiny dragon. I use a patern out of the German version of the "Simply crochet" magazine. The original pattern is from

I like this page very much and I hope there will be much more cool Amigurumi to see and crochet by myself. Please visit this side!!!

Maybe I will be as good as she is... ల(◕ ◠ ◕ )

Furthermore I'm dreaming of crocheting some japanese stuff:




What are your projects at the moment? Do you like Japanese stuff? I do but I still have to learn how to make kawaii stuff. Maybe the pattern from All about Ami can help me XD.

Have a nice weekend! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Yours, Kero


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