Little fox

Dear readers!

It's been a while since my last post but I had an important exam so there wasn't much time for crocheting. But now the exams are over and I can start with some new amigurumi projects---- and I've got a lot :D

Last time I made this little fox for a competition of a magazine. 

It was a lot of fun to make it although I had some trouble with the legs Oo'. I will share the pattern after I finished the pattern for the chicken.

So what are your projects? I have so much yarn I don't know where to start...but I think I will make some Daruma or something like this.

Have a nice week and enjoy crocheting :D

Yours, Kero


  1. Soooooo cuteeeeee♥!!!
    Love it!! :D

  2. Very cute fox!!! ;-)

  3. ooooh!!! It's so cute!! I love it!! Did you win the competition? I have it in my list of amigurumis to do XD a large list! hahaha Congratulation for your foxxy!
    ***Have a nice day! and luck for exams!

    1. Thank you, Soraya! Unfortunately I didn't win the competition but I was in the Top 10 so I will get a prize, too. My list of Amigurumi I want to do is very long, too! So many inspirations and less time :D


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