Easter stuff

Hello dear Amigurumi and crochet friends!

How are you? I'm fine but these days it become very cold although it's very sunny and just a few weeks are left and I will write my exams T___T.

But there are also good news: I finished the Amigurumi chicken and I will share the pattern for you (but this will take a while because I have to write it down and test it again XP). So, here are some pictures of it:

Furthermore I just have started to make a little fox for a competition and there isn't much time left...

So, I wish you all some nice days with a lot of easter eggs XD.

Yours, Kero


  1. Wow! your chicken is great! Congrats!

  2. Esta precioso! por cierto, todos los meses organizo un reto en mi blog, este mes es Egipto, por si quieres apuntarte.

    1. Thank you! To make a country topic is very nice. Unforunately it's not much time left but next time I will participate :D

  3. It's amazing, I love the chicken is so adorable!!
    I have just discovered your blog so I am your new follower


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