Little Amigurumi christmas elf

Hello to you all!

At the moment I'm very busy at work so I'm very tired when I come home and so it will take a while until I can make more amigurumi or crochet stuff. Furthermore I'm thinking about a new direction for my blog but it's not that easy as I thought....ヽ(´□`。)ノ

But here are the first pictures of my christmas elf amigurumi. For me it's always a surprise how the amigurumi will looks like at the end because often it became different then I' ve thought ^^ but it's okay. 

There are still missing a lot of details but I think next week I can finished the new amigurumi ^^

What do you think about it. What are your projects at the moment?

Have a nice Sunday!

Yours, Kero


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